Prism Neurofeedback for PTSD

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is linked to stuck patterns of brain activity.  Neurofeedback is a method of retraining your brain to let go of the unhelpful brain-wave patterns. Neurofeedback can relieve your symptoms and enhance your mental health. Bespoke Treatment offers FDA-cleared Prism Neurofeedback for PTSD at our Santa Monica office to help you cope with PTSD and lead a more fulfilling life.

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The Basics: Prism Neurofeedback

In search of PTSD treatment in Los Angeles, California? Compared to other PTSD treatments, Prism is a completely different type of therapy. Prism is the only medication-free, FDA-cleared psychiatric intervention for PTSD. Prism is used under the direction of a healthcare professional, together with other pharmacological and/or non-pharmacological interventions. 

How Does Neurofeedback for PTSD Work?

Neurofeedback isn’t a cure for PTSD, but rather a method of training your brain to cope with negative thoughts and feelings. It helps you break the cycle of negative brain activity leading to unhealthy behavior. 

Prism Neurofeedback is a bit like a training session for your brain. With the Prism software, you’ll see a visual representation of your brain activity on a screen in real-time. You’ll see changes as you watch the screen when you calm or control your brain activity. This helps you learn to actively self-manage your brain’s reactions. That’s why, over time, participating in neurofeedback therapy can lead to more positive brain patterns, helping you feel better and reducing PTSD symptoms.

Is Neurofeedback Effective for PTSD?

Yes, neurofeedback is effective for PTSD. Not only can you start to feel better within just a few sessions, but many patients also continue to see increased progress even after treatment ends. 

What Happens During a Prism Neurofeedback Session?

During the Prism procedure, you will sit in a quiet room with a computer monitor. You will be fitted with an EEG headset, which looks like a swim cap with small electrodes. These electrodes monitor brain activity, similar to how a fitness monitor measures your heart rate.

The electrodes don’t cause any shocks or pain. Rather, they monitor your brain waves and deliver microcurrents to your brain in response to your brain activity. The feedback is imperceptible to you, but your brain picks up on the current and adjusts accordingly.

You will watch a computer simulation with agitated avatars. The only thing you need to do is get the avatars to sit and calm down. How do you do it? You practice using your mental strategy – a personal memory, emotion, or experience – to tune down the amygdala-based biomarker.

This is the exciting technology behind Prism! Prism reads the signal from the EEG headset and computes the amygdala-based biomarker. As you lower the biomarker, the avatars will gradually sit and quiet down.

Since there is no single strategy that works for everyone, you will have an opportunity to discover what works just for you!

What Are the Benefits of Neurofeedback?

Prism Neurofeedback therapy offers many benefits. First, it is a drug-free method of coping with PTSD. Also, compared to many other treatment modalities, neurofeedback is quick. The sessions themselves are much shorter than other therapeutic approaches, and they also deliver rapid results.

In the Prism clinical trial, after eight weeks of two Prism sessions a week, a majority (70%) of the patients had a significant improvement in their PTSD symptoms and 32% were in remission. In addition, Prism allows you to take an active part in your treatment process and was shown to be well accepted by patients.

Am I a Candidate for Prism Neurofeedback?

Prism is FDA-cleared as an adjunctive treatment of symptoms associated with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Prism is to be used for patients diagnosed with PTSD under the direction of a healthcare professional, together with other pharmacological and/or non-pharmacological interventions. Our clinical team provides thorough assessments before recommending Prism for PTSD or other treatment programs, such as TMS Therapy.

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