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Ensure the best outcomes for your mental health with our easy and speedy Medication Management. Our expert team provides psychiatry, ongoing monitoring, and personalized adjustments to your medication regimen to maximize effectiveness and minimize side effects. Our administrative team makes scheduling and refill requests quick and accessible. Come to Bespoke Psychiatric Services for tailored medication management and achieve optimal wellness today.

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How Psychiatric Medication Management Can Help

Psychiatric medication management involves collaborating closely with a psychiatrist to ensure that your medication is both effective and safe. This may involve adjusting dosages, changing medications, or adding additional medications to your treatment plan. Medication management doesn’t always even require medication to be prescribed–in some cases, we can help to taper you off of your existing medications, like antidepressants and ADHD medication.

Your body and brain can change over time, such that the medications that once worked may not necessarily work long-term. Regular check-ins with your psychiatrist or nurse practitioner can prevent and catch any mood changes and intervene immediately without having to suffer through a long waiting list. During your psychiatrist appointment, your provider will discuss your symptoms, how well your current medication is working, and any potential side effects. Based on this discussion, they may recommend modifying your treatment plan.

Online Psychiatry From The Comfort Of Your Home

Bespoke Treatment offers a comprehensive online psychiatry medication management service for individuals with mental health conditions. Our team of experienced psychiatrists and mental health professionals is committed to providing personalized care tailored to each individual’s needs, regardless of whether we see them in person or virtually. We believe that everyone deserves the highest quality of mental health care, and we are committed to providing that care through our online psychiatry medication management service.

Convenient Holistic Psychiatry

Not all patients with mental health diagnoses require medication. Some people find therapy, supplements, exercise, nutrition modification, or even emotional support animals sufficient to reduce their symptoms. In some cases though, medication is the best way for patients to feel optimal–as opposed to just tolerating their symptoms. Our psychiatric clinic can help you to determine which path might be right for you. This can be a helpful option if you are considering starting medication or unsure if your current medication is working.

The following mental health conditions are seen by our psychiatric team:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Insomnia
  • ADHD
  • Cognitive Disengagement Syndrome/Sluggish Cognitive Tempo
  • PTSD and C-PTSD
  • OCD (including “Pure O”)
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Panic Disorder

Manage ADHD Without Medication

Drug-free treatments for ADHD are possible, and our team is happy to have those discussions with you or offer an ADHD Test. There are also non-stimulant options available.

Manage Depression Without Medication

We specialize in treating hard-to-treat depression with or without medication. Alternative treatments for depression like TMS Therapy are life-changing for most.

Drug-Free Trauma Treatment

PTSD and C-PTSD can be difficult to treat with medication like antidepressants. An alternative drug-free trauma treatment called Prism Neurofeedback is available now.

Minimizing Drug Side Effects

it is common for patients to experience side effects from these medications, such as insomnia, irritability, nausea, and more. Fortunately, medication management can effectively minimize these side effects. When you work closely with our team, we can help to figure out which medications and dosages are best for you. Sometimes the answer is as simple as switching to a different type of medication, removing a medication, or even augmenting one medication with another at a subclinical dose to treat side effects.

Cost of Psychiatry

At Bespoke Treatment, we believe that high-quality mental healthcare is a human right. As such, we are in-network with most major insurances. Most patients pay a $20 copay on average per appointment. Don’t delay your care because you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a psychiatrist. Call now and get your first appointment with a provider as soon as this week.

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If you reside in Los AngelesLas Vegas, or Santa Monica, contact Bespoke Treatment to receive quality medication management services. Contact us now and book a consultation with our psychiatrists.

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