Introducing Prism for PTSD: Now Available at Bespoke Treatment

Medical Reviewer: Nima A. Fahimian, MD


Ben Spielberg, M.S., Ph.D. Candidate


We continuously strive to offer the most advanced and personalized mental health care in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. We’re excited to share a significant milestone in our journey: Bespoke Treatment is now the first facility on the West Coast to offer Prism Neurofeedback for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

What is Prism for PTSD?

Prism Neurofeedback represents a revolutionary step in the treatment of PTSD, a condition that affects approximately nine million Americans. This FDA-cleared device is a non-invasive, medication-free approach that complements existing PTSD treatments like psychotherapy and pharmacological interventions.

How Does Prism Neurofeedback Work?

During a Prism session, patients are engaged in a computer simulation featuring avatars whose behavior is directly linked to the patient’s brain activity, as measured by an EEG headset. This innovative process is based on GrayMatters Health‘s proprietary amygdala-based biomarker, which combines amygdala-fMRI data and EEG through advanced statistical models. By recalling specific memories or emotions, patients can learn to alter their brain activity in real-time. This practice offers profound insights into managing PTSD symptoms effectively in everyday life.

The Impact of Prism for PTSD in Los Angeles

Our CEO and Founder, Ben Spielberg, M.S., believes that Prism represents the next generation in mental health care, aligning with our commitment to providing high-quality, accessible treatment. The introduction of Prism at our Santa Monica facility is not just a first for us but a significant development for individuals living with PTSD in the Los Angeles area and beyond.

Prism for PTSD: Clinical Success and Availability

Oded Kraft, CEO and co-founder of GrayMatters Health, highlights the successful clinical trials of Prism, demonstrating significant symptom improvement and high patient compliance. This development is particularly exciting for those living with PTSD, offering new hope and possibilities for treatment.

Bespoke Treatment: Providing Alternative Treatments for PTSD in Los Angeles

For more information about Prism for PTSD at Bespoke Treatment or to explore our range of innovative mental health treatments, get in contact.

At Bespoke Treatment, we are dedicated to providing personalized, holistic mental healthcare, improving our patients’ emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being through a multidisciplinary approach.


As someone who has struggled with depression for years, I was skeptical about trying alternative treatment options. However, the team at Bespoke Treatment made me feel comfortable and supported throughout the entire process. Not only did their TMS therapy provide significant relief for my depression symptoms, but I also had a positive experience with their ketamine therapy. The staff was incredibly knowledgeable and took the time to answer all of my questions and address any concerns I had.

I can't recommend this place enough. I had an incredible experience with the treatment I received here. From the administrative staff to the medical team, I really appreciated the outstanding care and attention I received and always felt listened to. There was never any sense of rushing or a "one size fits all" approach, which is sadly very much the norm elsewhere. I highly recommend coming here for the excellent quality of services, professionalism, and warmth that are so important when you're needing mental health treatment.

TMS was amazing for me . I loved my treatments , the doctors, the staff as well as the office itself. Its an amazing place to go for your wellbeing . Everyone is super nice, kind and extremely professional. The place is very easy to get to with available parking. Basically no stress. I felt very comfortable with my technician and all his knowledge about TMS . I also loved Dr. Fahimian . He is extremely educated and knowable in his field. His patience in taking his time to answer all my questions and concerns were highly appreciated.

I was severely depressed when starting treatment. I could not handle meds and had big hopes that TMS would work. It absolutely did wonders for lifting my depression. I have my life back. I have motivation to do things and energy to achieve goals. I really wasn’t sure if the TMS method would work, but it did and I am forever grateful. It even helped with my ruminating thoughts. I’m able to be in the moment and get back into doing things I enjoy. I highly recommend TMS to anyone who needs it.

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