Nima A. Fahimian, MD

Chief Medical Officer & Medical Director, Psychiatrist

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Psychopharmacology, Biofeedback, Integrative Medicine, Addiction Medicine, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Honors & Awards

Outstanding third-year resident academic year 2006-2007, Mount Sinai School of Medicine / Elmhurst program
Outstanding second-year resident academic year 2005-2006, Mount Sinai School of Medicine / Elmhurst program


Dr. Nima A. Fahimian’s medical career of over 20 years is distinguished not only by his role as a practicing psychiatrist and medical director but also by his extensive academic contributions to the mental health field.

Currently based in Los Angeles, he is the Medical Director for Bespoke Treatment’s California operations, where he works closely with patients and team members to deliver industry-leading, individualized mental health programs. This role utilizes his enduring passion for improving mental health outcomes for patients and his unwavering belief in a personalized approach to treatment. He is also an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at the University of California, Riverside.

Publications and Presentations

    • Famihian, Nima A. Genomic Characterization Of Murine Delta 8-Isomerase For Future Gene Targeting Experiments In Smith Lemli-Opitz Patients: Journal Of Investigative Medicine 1998.
    • Fahimian, N., Swanberg, M., Mendez, M. Acute Frontotemporal Personality From Hypoxic Encephalopathy: CNS Spectrum; American Neuropsychiatric Association, Thirteenth Annual Meeting, 2002.
  • Journals:
    • Fahimian, Nima A. Modern Trends In Treating Obesity: Evolution Of A New Drug Sibutramine; Nutrition Bytes (4): 2, 1998.
Books & Presentations:
  • Books:
    • Rabow, J. Chin, T., Fahimian, N. Tutoring Matters: Psychosociology Of Education In Diverse Inner-City Communities. Temple University Press, 1998.
    • Acute Lithium Induced Hyperthyroidism, Management And Etiology, Pending Submission, Target Journal Psychosomatic Psychiatry.
    • Fish Oil Sensitivity And Peripheral Edema, Pending Submission

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