Debunking 5 Common Myths You’ve Probably Heard About Ketamine Treatment

When it comes to ketamine, you’ve probably heard it all! From being a popular street drug to a powerful horse tranquilizer, there’s no shortage of misconceptions surrounding the use of Ketamine for Treatment-Resistant Depression. Though ketamine is still a relatively new treatment for major depression, the results have proven to be life-saving. But with any …

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How the Dissociative Effects of Ketamine Help Overcome Depression

If you’re like most people, you either are or know someone who is dealing with the symptoms of depression, bipolar disorder, or seasonal affective disorder. When you or a loved one suffers from the debilitating symptoms of depression, a major challenge is figuring out where to turn for help. Effective treatment can help anyone suffering …

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Ketamine: A New Way to Treat Teen Depression

Treatment shows promise where other antidepressants fail. Anxiety, depression and suicide are on the rise among American youth. But ketamine — a drug historically used as a surgical anesthetic — is showing promise as a treatment that can succeed where other antidepressant medications have failed. The need for help is dire. A 2019 Pew report said 70 percent of teenagers report …

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A Comprehensive Look at How Ketamine Treats Depression

Searching for Ketamine for Depression in Los Angeles? Do you believe you may be suffering from depression? If so, questions regarding receiving a diagnosis and treatments may also be on your mind. While the symptoms of depression aren’t always apparent, that doesn’t mean they aren’t real. Feelings of sadness and hopeless, as well as rage …

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Your Guide to Treating CRPS with Ketamine

One of the most frustrating things about CRPS is that it’s not a widely understood pain condition. The International Neuromodulation Society explains that complex regional pain syndrome has been a challenge to treat historically. The main reason being that physicians can’t find an apparent cause for the degree of pain their patients are experiencing. As …

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