Can Advanced Treatments For Depression Bring Back Your Joy For Life?

Not another Zoom call. The glitches, interruptions, and poor connections are really starting to interfere with your productivity and patience. Speaking of patience, why does it seem like you are so on-edge lately? The little things are starting to irritate you in BIG ways. But now there’s a light at the end of the tunnel …

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Ketamine research reports 75% success rate in treatment of long-term depression

Researchers looking into the use of ketamine say they have had a 75 per cent success rate in using it to treat long-term depression. “The results are startling,” says Melbourne University neuroscientist Associate Professor Graham Barrett, who has been studying depression for 30 years. “They’re not 100 per cent, there are people who don’t respond …

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A Single Dose Of Ketamine Might Help Heavy Drinkers, Study Finds

The research team recruited 90 people who drank much more than average — an average of about four to five pints of beer a day, or about five times the U.K.’s recommended maximum — but had not previously been diagnosed with alcoholism and were not receiving treatment. On the first day of the experiment, participants …

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How the Dissociative Effects of Ketamine Help Overcome Depression

If you’re like most people, you either are or know someone who is dealing with the symptoms of depression, bipolar disorder, or seasonal affective disorder. When you or a loved one suffers from the debilitating symptoms of depression, a major challenge is figuring out where to turn for help. Effective treatment can help anyone suffering …

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SSRIs and SNRIs vs Ketamine Therapy

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You went to your psychiatrist who spent all of 15 minutes with you to ask you some basic questions about how depressed you are, or try to asses how much anxiety you have and wrote a prescription for Lexapro.  Or Prozac. Or Zoloft or Paxil. Maybe you’ve even been …

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Don’t Try To Fight Your Depression Without Trying This First

Ketamine is a drug that is quite unique. When it comes to treating depression, the results have been so good, it’s been a surprise for many in psychiatry. “This is a game-changer,” Dr John Krystal, chief psychiatrist at Yale Medicine, told Medical Xpress. “When you take ketamine, it triggers reactions in your cortex that enable …

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Ketamine may rebuild broken brain synapses, according to new research

The body of science showing that ketamine, the drug is best known for its recreational use, might one day become a prominent treatment for depression is growing. A new study published April 11 in the journal Science shows that not only does ketamine offer fast-acting and temporary relief for depression, but the drug appears to actively …

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One-off ketamine dose may reduce heavy drinking says scientists

It may sound like an unlikely route to abstinence, but scientists have found that a treatment involving a one-off shot of ketamine could help heavy drinkers substantially reduce alcohol consumption. The scientists behind the work said that ketamine, more commonly known as a recreational drug and animal tranquilliser, can be harnessed to “rewrite” drink-related memories. The findings …

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Depression and Ketamine – How Ketamine Helps with Depression

Ketamine and Depression: How Ketamine Helps with Depression Do you feel like you may be falling into a depression? Figures released by the National Institute of Mental Health indicate that 7.1% of all adults in the United States, which is an estimated 17.3 million, have experienced at least one significant depressive episode. Why is Ketamine …

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