How to Find a Reputable Ketamine Clinic Near Me

Medical Reviewer: Nima A. Fahimian, MD


More and more people struggling with depression are looking to ketamine treatment for relief. This relatively new antidepressant is proving to be astoundingly effective for treatment-resistant depression, having the potential to offer lasting relief and create meaningful change in the brain.

Only one form of ketamine is FDA-approved: Spravato, an esketamine nasal spray. There isn’t much of a difference between Spravato and traditional ketamine. The substance consists of two mirror-image molecules, “R” and “S” ketamine. Standard ketamine is listed on the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines, but it is considered a generic medicine that can’t be patented, Janssen Pharmaceuticals isolated the “S” molecule and created an esketamine nasal spray, which they branded as Spravato.

With FDA approval, Spravato can be strictly regulated. There are standard doses and procedures for administering this depression treatment, so patients can be assured that they’re getting the same procedure no matter where they go. However, some studies suggest that traditional ketamine infusions are more effective for treating depression than the nasal spray. Licensed professionals can legally administer ketamine infusions, and infusions of off-label generic ketamine are becoming more accessible in mental health treatment centers and ketamine clinics across the country.

Ketamine infusions are quite literally life-changing for many people with treatment-resistant depression, and there is growing evidence that the medication is effective in treating conditions like PTSD and OCD as well. While the treatment is well worth it, ketamine infusions are far from cheap, and unlike Spravato, aren’t as heavily regulated. Many clinics that offer ketamine treatment are making overzealous claims about ketamine and don’t follow best practices when it comes to dosage and frequency of infusions. If you’re thinking about starting ketamine treatment, it’s important to find a clinic that’s reputable to ensure that your therapy is both safe and effective.

What to Look For in a Ketamine Clinic

  1. The clinic has mental health professionals among their staff

The focus of ketamine treatment should be recovery and your personal mental wellbeing. The clinic’s staff should consist of medical experts like psychiatrists, therapists, and nurse practitioners. You should be able to talk to someone who is familiar with the condition that you’re dealing with. The goal of the clinic’s staff should be to help you recover, not to just give you a medicine and send you on your way.

  1. The clinic’s focus is on mental health or ketamine

Just as you don’t want a 5-in-1 shampoo, you don’t want a 5-in-1 ketamine clinic. If a clinic offers a variety of services like vitamin infusions, botox, and also ketamine, that’s a huge red flag. Make sure the clinic is dedicated to ketamine or is a mental health treatment center.

  1. The clinic is honest about ketamine treatment

Pay attention to how the center describes ketamine. A trustworthy clinic will be honest about the limitations and risks associated with ketamine treatment. If the center promises to heal you — another huge red flag. A reputable clinic will discuss your specific situation and help you figure out if ketamine is a good option for you. A holistic treatment center will also offer other treatment options that may be better or supplementary to the ketamine treatment.

  1. The treatment is holistic, not cookie-cutter

As we mentioned before, the clinic’s goal should be to help you recover and find relief. Look for a clinic that offers personalized, holistic treatment plans. Ideally, they will offer additional treatment options and therapies to augment the ketamine infusions. They should regularly check in with you to see how the treatment is going, and offer aftercare such as wellness checkups and the ability to schedule “booster” infusions.

  1. The screening process is thorough

Always avoid ketamine clinics with minimal or no screening process. A reputable clinic will require a referral from a psychiatrist or a preliminary diagnosis from a medical professional before starting treatment. Make sure you have a consultation with a staff member to talk about your medical history and your mental health goals to determine if ketamine is appropriate and create an effective treatment plan.

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As someone who has struggled with depression for years, I was skeptical about trying alternative treatment options. However, the team at Bespoke Treatment made me feel comfortable and supported throughout the entire process. Not only did their TMS therapy provide significant relief for my depression symptoms, but I also had a positive experience with their ketamine therapy. The staff was incredibly knowledgeable and took the time to answer all of my questions and address any concerns I had.

I can't recommend this place enough. I had an incredible experience with the treatment I received here. From the administrative staff to the medical team, I really appreciated the outstanding care and attention I received and always felt listened to. There was never any sense of rushing or a "one size fits all" approach, which is sadly very much the norm elsewhere. I highly recommend coming here for the excellent quality of services, professionalism, and warmth that are so important when you're needing mental health treatment.

TMS was amazing for me . I loved my treatments , the doctors, the staff as well as the office itself. Its an amazing place to go for your wellbeing . Everyone is super nice, kind and extremely professional. The place is very easy to get to with available parking. Basically no stress. I felt very comfortable with my technician and all his knowledge about TMS . I also loved Dr. Fahimian . He is extremely educated and knowable in his field. His patience in taking his time to answer all my questions and concerns were highly appreciated.

I was severely depressed when starting treatment. I could not handle meds and had big hopes that TMS would work. It absolutely did wonders for lifting my depression. I have my life back. I have motivation to do things and energy to achieve goals. I really wasn’t sure if the TMS method would work, but it did and I am forever grateful. It even helped with my ruminating thoughts. I’m able to be in the moment and get back into doing things I enjoy. I highly recommend TMS to anyone who needs it.

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