What Does It Feel Like to Have Anxiety? Understanding the Emotional and Physical Impact 

Are you wondering, “Do I have anxiety?” “What are the signs of anxiety?” or “What does anxiety feel like?” Learn more about what living with anxiety feels like and the mental and physical symptoms those living with anxiety may experience. Fast Facts: What is Anxiety? Is Anxiety Different From Stress? Some feelings of anxiety from … Read more

Dentophobia: How to Cope with a Fear of Dentists

Having anxiety around going to the dentist is extremely common; hardly anyone finds going to the dentist exciting or comfortable. Some people struggle with a more severe fear around going to the dentist — this is known as dentophobia, or odontophobia. Related to iatrophobia (a fear of doctors) and trypanophobia (a fear of needles), dentophobia is common … Read more

Ketamine: New Promising Anxiety Treatment

It’s not uncommon to experience anxiety. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America reports that 6.8 million adults in the US are affected by generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Additionally, a recent CNBC report highlights a 25% increase in the sales of books related to anxiety at Barnes & Noble between 2017 and 2018. These statistics … Read more

What is High-Functioning Anxiety?

Many people who are successful in their work life and seem to hold things together very well are still struggling with anxiety. Performing well in work, school, or other aspects of life doesn’t necessarily indicate that a person is mentally healthy, and anxiety can bring distress and challenges nonetheless. When someone experiences significant anxiety day … Read more

The Most Common Types of Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety on its own is a healthy emotion to experience, and often motivates us to perform better in daily life. However, when anxiety becomes too intense and feelings of fear and distress hinder everyday activities, this is usually considered an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders are the most common type of mental health issue in the … Read more

Panic Attacks: What Causes Them and How Can They Be Prevented?

Panic attacks are sudden episodes of intense fear or anxiety that lead to severe physical reactions such as racing heartbeat and shortness of breath, typically when there is no present danger or even no apparent cause. Panic attacks can be an extremely frightening experience; many people may think they are having a heart attack or … Read more

A Single Ketamine Infusion Improves Depression Scores in Anxious Bipolar Disorder, Study Shows

Ionescu et al. analyzed the effectiveness of a single ketamine infusion in treating depression in patients with anxious bipolar disorder compared to non-anxious bipolar disorder. Approximately 25-50% of patients with bipolar disorder have an anxious subtype, and the role of anxiety in influencing symptoms and challenges of bipolar disorder is becoming increasingly recognized. When it … Read more

Meta-analysis Shows TMS is a Promising Treatment for Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Approximately 10% of the population in the United States is impacted by an anxiety disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is one of the most common of these conditions. Anxiety disorders interfere significantly with daily functioning; estimates suggest that GAD may account for the largest economic burden related to disability of all anxiety disorders. In … Read more

The Subtle & Passive Signs Of Anxiety That People Should Be Aware Of

Anxiety is a normal state of being for humans, and we all experience it to some degree now and then. It’s the body’s early warning system, designed to prepare us for danger. But sometimes this early warning system can go into overdrive, switching on when it’s not really necessary. Anxiety is a function of a … Read more

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