Health Smart on KTLA 5 News TMS and its help on the brain with Ben Spielberg

In today’s Health Smart, we are talking about the holiday blues and a noninvasive cutting edge treatment for people with depression. A recent study reveals 64 percent of people surveyed experienced feelings of anxiety or depression during the holidays, but depression affects one in six people year-round. And joining us now is neuroscientist and founder … Read more

KNBC 4 News The benefits of TMS with Ben Spielberg

Welcome back, everyone. For people suffering from depression, the holidays can be very stressful and lonely time, along with medication and therapy. A treatment center in Santa Monica is offering a possible solution, and it takes only three minutes. Alright. So we’re going to turn it up 10 percent or so. A machine to battle … Read more

TMS Review with Dr. Drew and Bespoke Treatment Founder Ben Spielber

So this point, let me have you dispense with all that, let me get to my guest, Ben Spielberg. Ben is from the Bespoke Treatment in Santa Monica. Is that the actual name of the place to some brain health? Ben is a neuroscience and education master’s degree program from Columbia University. He focused on … Read more



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